My teaching experience

Since I graduated at the University of Carabobo, in 1982, I’ve taught English in every single level of the Venezuelan education system. I started in a high school only for boys. It was taugh, but I learn very fast how to control discipline in an effective way. A few years later, I was called to fill a vacant in a school for girls, teaching English in the primary level. It was fun!! And, one important thing I learned during these years, is that girls fight in a different way: they ostracize each other; whereas boys use their fists to solve problems. Girls’ problems last longer….

One of my teachers at the university, whom I refer to as my Master, asked me to work at my alma mater, but my duties as a mom and housewife kept me away from that target for ten years. Then, in 1991 in the School of Industrial Relations two teachers retired and I won one of these two positions; and I was also offered to work in the teacher of English training program in the School of Education.

The picture above shows part of the School of Education new building.

Currently, I’m doing my PhD at the University of Sevilla, Spain. I’m interested in the use of ICT to teach English to in-service teachers, in some cases to keep them updated, in some other to introduce them to the world of knowing a foreign language.


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